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Principal's message

The development and maintenance of partnerships and links to its community remain to be two key foundations in the daily operations and future directions of Mount Druitt Public School. Staff members and parents have worked hard to ensure that the lines of communication are open and honest between the "lounge room at home and classroom at school" with both groups accepting the significance that both parties play in the educational process.

Classrooms are open to learning with increased numbers of parent helpers assisting in lessons right across the school. Its Leadership team and all staff lead the way as learners themselves in the sometimes difficult situation of teaching our students today while preparing them for the challenges of the future.

Challenges that include technology and its use as a tool at work and the possible role it may take over the next few decades in communication, collaboration and connecting our students with others. The learning community of Mount Druitt Public School acknowledges that technology is weaved throughout its population and the daily use of such things as the internet in connecting people in learning. Forgetting about issues of equity that exist throughout our community in a number of areas for a moment, in many instances throughout the week our children are teaching our teachers in the capabilities of computers in the classroom and the possibilities involved. I know I have had many long and detailed conversations with boys and girls from kindergarten to year six about the computer that sits on top of my desk and just what it can and can't do. 

An example of this at management level can be seen with the school's policy involving technology. Staff and parents acknowledge the role that modern day technologies play in everyday life. Rather than ignore such advancements in society in the hope that those well-publicised incidents of inappropriate use of things such as mobile phones do not occur, we endeavour to model and teach the correct etiquette in the use of such technology. Parents, students and teachers working together in a common direction is a powerful influence in the learning process and it can be found at Mount Druitt Public.

Michael Kelly